Photography by Lorrin Brubaker

choreographed & performed by Jobel Medina

Highly physical and thought-provoking, Jobel’s new solo undertake problematic subjects with humor and sensuality. By merging both experimental practices and over-the-top drama inside his process, he’s become less burdened by the extreme seriousness that often paralyzed his creativity.
Body suit textile design by Cat Lauigan
"Medina took the stage with the stealth of a cat, and the presence of a tiger. Outfitted in goggles, we could not see his entire face. The costume of tight grey top and snug black capri pants enhanced his multiple stories. At moments he looked like a statue, the next a robot. Oh, wait now he’s an insect. His movement was inventive and eye-catching, detailed and wide-ranging.  The opening said “techno pop” but that is a poor representation of his craft.  His art is what we wish we saw in the commercial world of dance. The second portion of this work, accompanied by the song Do You Believe in Love by American rock band Huey Lewis and the News was more sensual, with softer movement. When he removed his goggles, we could finally see his face and connect further.  Just when you thought you had gotten to know him, he shifts gears, snapping his arms, kneeling with his fists on the floor, then rising to percussive pauses. He is elastic one moment, mechanical the next. Then the surprise – giant bags of enormous confetti that he heaves into the audience, drawing everyone in further, in spite of the fact that he is throwing something at them. The work closes with a welcome to sing along with him as he rolls, crawls, and somersaults to a 1960’s love song. Everyone sang."     
"This will change you, best show I've seen in LA in so long. Reinspired me to loving dance and people and possibilities and silliness and so many things" –Sarah Prinz
Human Resources LA  • 20 June 2019, Los Angeles
The Sharon disney lund • 12 October 2019, Los angeles
NAVEL • 25 January 2020, Los Angeles
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